• Breng jouw sensors tot leven met Jonimo!
  • Bring your sensors to life with Jonimo!

Office Spaces



Smart City Monitoring System 4 sensors

Temperature - Humidity - Presence - Lighting



Imagine wirelessly transforming your office space into a smart office building

By installing sensors in crucial places and connecting them to Proximus' LoraWAN smart city network

And receive a daily report by e-mail to better manage your office space

Jonimo building management system...
Avoids unnecessary lighting 10 % on the annual invoice
Avoids unnecessary heating 18 % on the annual bill
Prevents rooms from becoming too damp Impact on productivity
Manages cold rooms Air conditioning 26 % on the annual bill
Manages Gases from Printers & Copiers TVOC absenteeism of staff
Manages the Co2 threshold 900 - 1250 ppm Covid-19 regulatory framework
Helps to monitor spaces Anticipate changes
Manages lift maintenance e-Mail message from your lift before the complaint

Public Spaces



Smart City Monitoring System 7 sensors

CO2 and presence - TVOC - Barometer - Lighting - Temperature - Humidity




Amenities Apartments



Smart City Monitoring System 1 sensor

Elevator - Cellar - Bicycle storage - Meter cupboard - Garages


What's a Sensor really do?


We're glad you asked.

A Sensor is like a watchdog, it looks out for you, it is loyal, it is always there, it never gives up and it only makes a sound when it has to. 

In short it gives you Peace of Mind.

It makes sense to connect many sensors and have them report to your e-mail address. You are not disturbed in the middle of a meeting, you can keep track of daily events, you can copy and paste anything you want to report into another email. You are in control, you can anticipate and are no longer dependent on people reporting errors and failures to you.

Get an e-Mail message from your elevator before the complaint comes in, anticipation is always better than solving and having to apologize.


Configure your sensor below

If you have already received your sensor, you can configure it below by entering the euID number, the location where the sensor is stuck to the wall, your email address and possibly an extra email address where the sensor data may be sent to and some extra data that you want to appear at the bottom of the email message. This is for you to click on in order to be able to respond immediately.  Please tell us which country you want to install the Jonimo system as each uses their own Telecom provider.

We use 2FA (two-factor authentication) to keep everything secure so you should always check your email after entering your euID.



Last modified: Date and Time

Click on the box of your choice, if you do not click on anything, you will NOT receive any e-mails!

If you want a full sensor report only once a day, just click the top line

Additional info in the message, such as another e-mail address to forward the message or a phone number to reach someone or put a message in their WhatsApp chat

E-mail reporting sensor tool 

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